When it comes to CBD flower, Tillman’s Tranquils is one of the best brands in the country. Although they’re still a young company compared to longtime industry mainstays, Tillman’s Tranquils is blazing their own path in the CBD realm. Their mission statement, to “put plants before pills whenever possible,” has seemed to resonate with their clientele and has earned them a dedicated base of supporters.

Tillman’s Tranquils CBD Flower

Tillman’s Tranquils first round of CBD flower is comprised entirely of pre-rolled hemp. They entered the market with five strains:

  1. Honolulu Hemp
  2. Casino Cookies
  3. Sour Space
  4. Sunbeam CBD
  5. Micropine Haze

They developed these strains with two goals: a robust cannabinoid profile and an array of appealing flavors. From sour to sweet to spicy, Tillmans has all of their flavor bases covered. Each pre-rolled joint contains one gram (about 190 milligrams) of CBD each.

Tillmans Tranquils CBD Sour Space Jar

A month later, in December of 2019, Tillman’s customers were demanding more CBD flower. Thanks to the enthusiastic response, the company released jars of their CBD flower nugs that for users to roll into their own cones or other preferred method. Tillman’s Tranquils wanted to allow customers to enjoy CBD flower any way they wanted – not just in a cone. Sunshine CBD, Micropine Haze, and Sour Space were their three most popular flavors, so they packaged them in jars containing 3.5 grams (about an eighth of an ounce) of flower nugs each. 

To set apart from their competition, Tillman’s hand-trims all of their CBD flower. They also source 100 percent of their CBD flower from American growers to support the newly-blooming US hemp farming industry. Finally, to ensure that quality is constant throughout all of their products, everything Tillman’s makes is tested by a third-party lab to identify its exact chemical makeup.

Tillmans Tranquils CBD Honolulu Single Pre-rolled Hemp

Where to buy Tillman’s Tranquils Online

After establishing the high level of quality put into each container of CBD flower, Tillman’s realized they needed top-notch customer service to distribute their products. This is why they partnered up with us at DirectCBD to take care of their distribution. We carry all a variety of Tillman’s Tranquils CBD flower products and everything ships for free! We also offer 30-day returns on all unopened non-edible CBD, so if you’re not satisfied, you can send it back.

About Tillman’s Tranquils – The Background.

Tillman’s Tranquils traces its background to 2019. After trying CBD for themselves, the company’s founders became intrigued with hemp. They studied the best routes of absorption and activation for CBD. They also identified a major issue that many consumers have with hemp extracts – the taste. Finally, they wanted to make sure that they followed a “all-natural ingredient first” ethos during product development.

With those variables in mind, the founders of Tillman’s set out to create what they saw as the perfect CBD flower. But it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, they didn’t even sell CBD flower when they first opened. Back then, their flagship product was a CBD-infused mint. After seeing its success, they broke into the hemp flower scene in November 2019. At DirectCBD.com we are now excited to offer all of this to you. Enjoy!

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