When the founders of Tillman’s Tranquils started the company in 2019, they had a mission: to bring a new way to enjoy CBD to consumers. That’s because before they founded this company, that’s who they were: a couple of CBD enthusiasts in Florida. Because of this, they’re always trying to push the envelope. It’s a tradition that began with the first product they ever sold: their CBD-infused mints.

Tillman’s Mints – The Story

At the time of Tillman’s Tranquils’ launch in January of 2019, they had already spent weeks developing their flagship product. Their first batch of CBD-infused mints were made with five milligrams of isolate each. Back then, they only had one flavor: peppermint. 

But that was just the beginning. In October, they changed things up a bit. They developed a new recipe that utilized a full-spectrum extract instead of isolate. That was a game-changer. Unlike isolate, full-spectrum extracts contain more than just CBD. They also hold a plethora of more than 100 other cannabinoids that all add their unique flavor to the experience. Tillman’s also increased the amount of extract in each mint, from five milligrams to ten. 

Needless to say, they were on to something.

They still weren’t done, though. Armed with their new full-spectrum recipe, Tillman’s expanded their line of mints with a second flavor in January of 2020: cinnamon. It was a spicy-sweet contrast to the cool and refreshing tones of their peppermint-flavored mints. They saw it as the perfect way to round out their flavor profile. 

Tillman’s Tranquils CBD-Infused Mints: The Breakdown

When Tillman’s was designing their CBD mints, flavors and cannabinoids weren’t their only focus. They also wanted to ensure that they were made from the highest-quality ingredients.

As a result, they only sourced premium ingredients and formulated their recipe to the strictest dietary standards. Both Tillman’s peppermint and cinnamon mints are gluten-free and 100 percent vegan. They also made a point to avoid including high-fructose corn syrup in their recipe. Finally, they made sure that their mints were made without any artificial ingredients or GMOs.

There was still one last piece to the puzzle, though.

When you make premium CBD-infused products, you need premium CBD. And you can only get that from high-caliber hemp plants. Today, the best hemp money can buy is grown here in the US. Because of this, Tillman’s only sources their hemp from American farms who grow it without the use of harmful pesticides.

Try Tillman’s Tranquils Yourself

We’ve talked a lot about the quality of Tillman’s mints. It’s something they take extremely seriously. But the best way to experience their CBD-infused mints is to try them yourself. They have one-, five-, and ten-packs of their peppermint CBD-infused mints, and one- or ten-backs of their cinnamon mints. On Tillman’s website, the company recommends starting with one mint and gradually increasing your dosage over time.

Try them yourself and you’ll understand what sets Tillman’s Tranquils apart: their dedication to high-quality ingredients, advanced extracts, and natural recipes.

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