Thank you so so much to Yumi for sending me their gummies to try. Get yours here:

Check out @yuminutrition on Instagram!✨

Comment below if you have any video requests…

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  1. Omg, the editing is amazing I laughed way more than I should at your subtle captions and dramatic zooming. Please continue to be yourself, love your sense of humour. This has made my day ????

  2. Try using simply cbd. I use the liquid gold. The base is rice bran oil then it has turmeric and black pepper. My hubby tried the 'original' and hated the taste. He's tried mine and said it is so much better. They also sell gummies. On their Facebook page their is onfo on how to make the gummies or chocolates. They also sell a spray that is supposed to be so much more easily absorbed. Is more expensive though!

  3. I was self medicating with marijuana most of my life . The downside of pot is finding the right strain .
    When it comes to CBD, there is no THC therefore there is no high and burn out.
    I spent too many years on psychiatric meds that didn't really help in the long run . During my worst years they did help but not meant to stay on them long term .
    Hoping things improve for you ☺
    Angel hugs n Blessings to you and yours.

  4. cbd oil is great as well. works really good for aches n pains on your knees n joints . I can imagine those work really well and wish you luck on continued use! I miss the thc gummies from Colorado . Love your vlogs just discovered you!!!!

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