Watch me try THE Best CBD Products EVER! | Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies , CBD Tinctures Review & Demo

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Hi My Loves,

I am back with one of my favorite kinds of videos…..A CBD REVIEW, duh. I am so excited to introduce some of you to this California-based company Sunday Scaries. This company caters to working professionals to people who love to chill and everything else in between.

I was reading a comment from a subscriber who asked if I knew any VEGAN CBD OPTIONs and at the time It totally evaded my mind but then I remembered: Sunday Scaries offer Vegan CBD gummy options which is rare and one of the few.

If you have been rocking with me for a while then you know how CBD helps with anxiety, aches , pains, moods etc so we don't have to get into all of the details here but I will encourage you to check out my other CBD videos which will be linked above.

CBD is one of things I enjoy when I want to relax or take the edge off. I low-key swear by it and the more people are exposed to the benefits of CBD/THC the less stigma is associated with it . So in theory, I am doing my part in this journey of being able to highlight the real BENEFITS of CBD.

As always,

Love & Light