CBD has many wonderful properties that offer a multitude of benefits for mind and body. You may be more familiar with the wellness support that CBD provides including encouraging better sleep, reduced stress and relief from muscle pain from exercise. But what about CBD skin care benefits? Several studies have shown CBD to be beneficial, and scientists continue to study CBD and the skin to confirm initial findings. Here are the principles we know about CBD oil in skin care products.

Antioxidant Properties

CBD oil derived from the hemp plant has antioxidant properties. When used topically, antioxidants from plant extracts are known to counteract free radicals in the environment and their effects on the skin. Free radicals include UV rays from the sun, pollution and cigarette smoke, all of which can age the skin. Topical use of antioxidants is linked to reduced inflammation, redness, fine lines and wrinkles. In general, antioxidants are thought to be in the anti-aging category of skin care.

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Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Several studies, including this one, have shown that CBD oil has anti-inflammatory qualities. This fabulous ingredient may help calm the skin. It’s especially great to apply a CBD-infused moisturizer after a hard workout or on a hot day to provide the skin with some relief and restore balance. The calming benefits come to the add of reactive skin to make it look and feel better.

Soothing Properties

Much in line with the calming effects, another possible CBD skin care benefit is its soothing quality. Sensitive skin types may enjoy the soothing properties of CBD beauty products. Sensitive skin is more prone to being reactive and to redness, so this ingredient could be a good complement. In addition to containing high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD, KARIBO skin care products are enjoyed by a variety of skin types, from oily to dry and sensitive.

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How to Find Quality CBD Skin Care Products

Now for what to look for to find the best CBD skin care products that offer the most benefits for your beauty regimen. Ask the brand or check its website to see if it provides evidence of third-party lab reports to be sure you’re getting the CBD that the label claims. Choose from full-spectrum (trace amounts of THC) or broad-spectrum (100% THC-free – this is what KARIBO has) CBD products depending on your preference. Also make sure the CBD is derived from U.S.-grown hemp plants and has been processed with high-quality manufacturing practices.

The body of research around CBD and skin care continues to grow. We are excited to see what the future brings. Our prediction is that CBD will become a key component in beauty products rather than a novelty ingredient.

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