Hey guys, today we are talking using CBD capsules, some of the benefits, and some other things to consider if your trying to decide which kind of product is best suited to you.

Do you use our CBD capsules? What are your experiences?

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7 Responses

  1. These twits complaining about crickets obviously never spent any time out in the country. They should have complained about the microphone too far away or sound turned too low on the video recorder.
    Now let me address several things in the video.
    When she talked about the whole plant extract with cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. This is often referred to as the entourage effect.
    I use Cannabis to control my Crohn’s disease. CBD helped me but simply didn’t do enough for my disease.
    When I switched from using buds to using concentrates that high CBD but with low to moderate levels of THC. Then I got consistent relief from my condition. My last minor flare was August 15th 2017. Almost 6.5 months ago.
    The lady in the video talked about a daily stabilized dose. This is very important. Allowing you to get the correct dose single time. No peaks or valleys in your medication.
    The lady is wrong about one thing.
    The speed of absorption of cannabinoids.
    The fastest method of absorption is smoke or vaporization.
    The second fastest way is sublingual. Here the medicine has to pass through the mucus membrane and the wall of the blood vessels before entering the blood stream
    The slowest method for absorption is swallowing. The medicine must pass through the mouth., esophagus, stomach, intestines, and the liver before entering the blood stream.
    It can take 45 minutes to two hours before feeling the medicine can kick in. If the medicine is suspended in alcohol it can take 3 hours or more before feeling it.
    By now you are wondering “Why use edibles when it can take 1-3.5 hours to kick in?
    The answer is very simple. 
    When you smoke or vaporize the effect hits you in about a minute and the effects wear off in 60-90 minutes.
    When the cannabinoids pass through the liver the cannabinoids are changed an and the effects last much longer usually 4-5 hours.
    Consuming an edible before bed helps you fall asleep and stay asleep.
    I make what I call super tinctures.
    A 10 ml dropper bottle
    Put 1 gram of concentrate in the bottle mentioned above.
    Fill the 10 ml bottle with 151 proof or higher alcohol. I use Everclear 190 proof.
    1 gram cannabis concentrate has 850-920 milligrams of cannabinoids. This means each ml of the super tincture has 85-92 milligrams.
    This means you can dial in your dosage in a way not usually possible
    Let’s say you have a gram with 880 milligrams of cannabinoids. Each drop of that super tincture would have 4.4 milligrams of cannabinoids.
    Let’s say you need 20-23 mg a day. Then 5 drops of of this super tincture will give you 22 milligrams.
    I have been microdosing cannabis for 10 months trying to find the dose that works for me. I have found that 13-14 milligrams a day is my perfect dose.
    Let’s go back to the 880 mg gram of concentrate again. So each drop of that suer tincture is 4.4 milligrams. So three drops of my super tincture is 13.2 milligrams.
    Simple mathematics.

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