CBD is fast becoming inescapable. Touted as the solution to everything from anxiety to arthritis, it has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity which has left authorities struggling to catch up.

But what is CBD? And is CBD legal in the UK? In our explainer video we unpick CBD and it's confusing regulations to get to the bottom of this wildly popular substance.


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  1. The government have made a decent step here but should legalise THC also imo. You can take steroids and be addicted to many harmful prescription opiate medications legally in the UK already… THC is required for many of the medicinal benefits particularly insomnia, muscle pain, nausea and depression. All this bud will do is give you a headache, feels like smoking lavender its absolutely vile. Don't even bother, smoke the real thing that we've had for thousands of years. Over-engineered rubbish.

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