This week we take a look at CBD.


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  1. Whenever I read or watch something that recommends CBD it always try a lower dose to to experiment and not worry about it being too strong. If it’s not psychoactive, how can it be too strong? What are the effects of taking too strong a dose of CBD? Thanks

  2. Vaping it has helped me with my anxiety. I recommend Cheef Botanicals and Vapen CBD for the cartridges or Bakers Ranch Botanicals if you prefer the flower. All of the websites are organic and get 3rd party lab tests so that you know you're getting 100% CBD.

  3. Says a lot when a guy bought his first cbd bottle 2 days ago and has to watch video online to understand why it's not doing anything… at all ^-^ Your thing is placebo mate… I just saw a video telling me that I should start at 5mg and see how it goes from there… I started at 250mg because I couldn't be arsed to do any research beforehand… Didn't do anything to me, been smoking that for 2 days… Nothing. Oh, and I use to be a pothead, stopped years ago so, I can recognize what would be the effect and I have the tolerance of a newborn because I haven't smoked in years… I'm telling you, your thing is a placebo. Don't get me wrong though, the placebo effect is a real thing that has real effects. But you cannot sell a thing that has no intrinsic value of its own =)
    I see the bright side though, might help a ton of people to stop smoking so, by all mean, go ahead.

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