What is it?

CBD Hemp Flower is the usual term given to describe strains of the Cannabis Sativa plant that have high levels of CBD and low trace amounts of THC.

What is the difference between hemp and weed?

The word hemp is a legal, not a scientific distinction between cannabis/marijuana and hemp. The strains that meet these US federal requirements for hemp, are within the US, federally legal while other versions of the plant are still a schedule 1 felony.

Can CBD flower get you high?

CBD Hemp Flower is not intended to “get high” but it is simply another common way to ingest CBD. The flower is the most natural version of any CBD product, containing no processing except a carefully controlled cure and trimming.

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  1. I love this stuff, actually takes away my stress and I've noticed I'm not as anxious, helps me sleep, unlike the other stuff it doesn't get me paranoid…???????????????? Love it

  2. It's all breeding, and breeding this hay is a travesty to a thc lover. I'm sure they get ripped off a lot more often now that this garbage cbd fad is in stores on every corner. It's like popping a 10-yr-old aspirin for a headache.

  3. dude…..Im in oodles of pain…..oodles…….so……..would this be the better option for me? to grab some and make some butter or oil with it…? I just found out like five minutes ago it exists……I am a loyal Kratom consumer……its amazing……I use cbd…….confused…….thanks for suffering me man..

  4. Hi, question: are you guys working through out the pandemic, and if you are, do you deliver to Brooklyn NY?
    Thanks I just subscribed to plain Jane.

  5. Some of these comments are killing me lol…OMG they are exactly the same plant. The ONLY difference is "hemp" has been bred dozens of time with each plant having less and less THC. The THC content is extremely low. It's still weed. It's cannabis. It's flower. It's hemp. It's all the same it's just a term in referring to extremely low to no THC plants. Lol.

  6. I don't understand why would you want it if it doesn't get you high . that's the reason why I smoke it I don't like drinking alcohol. I think it's fucked up they wouldn't make it legal in all states but you have drunk driver's that kill people on a daily basis. Evan I was hit by a drunk driver. Never been hit by someone who was high.

  7. My order came quick as hell and I live in texas???????? but I’ve always smoked THC. Never liked the Paranoia or nervousness of THC. Always just wanted something to mellow me out and relieve me from stress. So I bought some Pre rolled Cigs and Joints. Can not wait to try and see what it’ll do ???????? prices are awesome too.

  8. And it is something that anyone seeking any form of relief should stay far away from, and thanks vegan hipsters for flooding the streets with non active flowers, you are in fact hurting people plain and simple.

  9. Same ignorance for gun control. People are afraid of a “scary AR15” semi auto rifle but are ok with a hunting rifle that shoots the same round….I support cannabis and gun rights ????????

  10. CBD flower gets me hella lit and hella stoned it gives me the same effects as I get when I used to smoke high THC strains. The first time I ever smoked CBD flower that was one of the highest stoned feeling I had felt since High School that was 20 years ago. CBD flower still gives me the munchies and gets me stoned from head to toe.

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