Alexey Peshkovsky, Ph.D., presenting at Marijuana For Medical Professionals Conference in Denver, Colorado, 2018.

Although most medical treatment protocols require accurate therapeutic ingredient dosing, none of the existing routes of administering cannabis, including oral, sublingual, pulmonary, and topical, allow for predictable and reproducible cannabinoid delivery to the bloodstream. Since cannabinoids are hydrophobic (incompatible with water), they are difficult to deliver to the predominantly water-based human body. This is especially pronounced for the oral-digestive administration method, which, despite being arguably the most convenient, is associated with low and unpredictable bioavailability and delayed onset of action. It is, however, well-known in the pharmaceutical industry that the delivery of a water-incompatible substance can be tremendously enhanced by formulating it as an oil-in-water nanoemulsion. This presentation shows how to create and implement translucent, fully water-compatible cannabinoid nanoemulsions, which are kinetically stable and known to be absorbed by the body very rapidly and completely via many convenient administration methods (e.g., as beverages, edibles, sublingual and nasal sprays, topicals, etc.).

Dr. Alexey Peshkovsky received his B.A. in Chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Columbia University. His professional experience includes over 20 years as a researcher, entrepreneur, product developer, and scientific director in both academic and industrial sectors, mainly focusing on instrumentation design and process development. Dr. A. Peshkovsky is the author of over 40 scientific papers, utility patents, conference presentations, and books. He is currently President and Chief Scientific Officer of Industrial Sonomechanics – a research & development, equipment design and process consulting firm, specializing in scalable high-intensity ultrasonic technology and focusing on providing tools to make nanoemulsions, nanocrystals, and liposomes to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, medical cannabis, and food & beverage industries.

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Credits: Marijuana For Medical Professionals Conference