With all the buzz surrounding CBD, many people are wondering whether this plant-based product might not be just another passing trend. Even though CBD became a trending topic seemingly overnight, the microscopic molecule is so much more than just the latest social media sensation.

If you’ve been wondering if CBD is really all that it’s cracked up to be, learning more about it will help you see that you should definitely be taking CBD products seriously.

CBD is a natural molecule derived from plants.

One of the many aspects of CBD that consumers find attractive is that it is not a synthetic or artificial ingredient. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally-occurring molecule found within plants of the Cannabis genus. Careful extraction processes enable manufacturers to create CBD products that use 100% natural CBD, which is a major plus for anyone interested in a more natural way of living.

CBD is not the same thing as marijuana.

Many people are understandably confused about CBD, especially because it has been closely associated with the marijuana plant. However, while CBD is a naturally-occurring molecule found within the Cannabis genus, there are a few key differences between CBD and marijuana.

Most of the widely-available CBD products on the market today are sourced from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant. Although both plants belong to the Cannabis genus, they have significantly different properties. The marijuana plant contains significant levels of THC, a molecule responsible for the feeling of being “high.” However, hemp plants are specifically bred to contain high concentrations of CBD and next to no THC. This means that properly formulated CBD products will not make you feel intoxicated, and they’re also viewed differently in the eyes of the law.

There are CBD product options to suit many adult’s lifestyles and preferences.

Another positive to the blossoming CBD industry is the creation of a wide array of CBD products, offering a near-limitless range of options for adults interested in enjoying CBD. No matter what your specific preferences or lifestyle, you can likely find a type of CBD to suit you. Searching for a simple, straightforward way to try CBD? Consider CBD oils or capsules. If you enjoy smoke-free vaping, CBD vape juice and cartridges may be ideal. One of the best things about CBD is that it is a versatile, convenient addition to just about any adult’s everyday routine.

Researchers are enthusiastically diving into the science of CBD.

There’s still plenty to learn about potential applications of CBD. The future of CBD seems to be impressively bright.

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