Welcome, my friends. I'm Jen hilman. thanks so much for joining me today, as we explore yoga to feel your best. Yoga is a wonderful practice that not only helps to improve our flexibility increase our
strength and range of motion, but it actually works to help influence the way that we feel to help energize your body, to clear and focus your mind and to help you feel your best, and have the best day ever. So go ahead and like this video leave me your comments below don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

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Thanks for joining me. Namaste.


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  1. Just wonderful! Have been following you (not literally obvs!) for years. Just wish you were in the UK!!! Thank you for being a beautiful light that guides so many people.I always feel amazing after doing your practices. Thank you from the UK Jen XXX

  2. One of the best videos to start my day ! I love Jen's practice ..we never rush so it allows us to deepen and take the most of each pose. As a cat lover myself I love these lovely little kitties

  3. I appreciate You, I LOVE you Jen Hilman , So much , and I love all your. Sweet Kitty Kitties too Namaste ????????✨????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  4. Just found you, love your instruction, loved this routine, just back from UK to Spain where I now live, travelling always gives me back ache so really needed this, thankyou???? Unfortunately due to the Corona virus we start a 2 week lockdown here today, very strict rules, you cannot even go out walking alone, so its yoga everyday for me , namaste and keep safe everyone ????????????

  5. I love your videos. I started with you 2 months ago and still here. That's big for me! Your voice calms me like no other. Clear instructions and so easy to follow, I don't have to interupt my pose to look at the video for reference. Your yoga classes has given me some relief from fibromyalgia. Namaste ????‍♂️

  6. Jen! Where have you been? Love this lady. Thanks for all your yoga videos I’m just starting. And I have so many of your videos saved to my favorites, you have your own favorites section. Thanks!

  7. Hello Jen. I had discovered your channel while in pt and I am sooooo glad I did. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love the fact your kitties are yogis as well … lol!

    As shown on the Psyquetruths videos ( in which you worked on), the whiteness from the large windows in the background gave a soothing effect for the observer. You ought to consider trying the same effect for your own videos. just a thought

  9. Hey, just saw that this was posted today! I've been doing your videos for the last two weeks, and have been feeling a ton of relief from my back and neck pain! I take a nice break from work every day to relax and connect with my body, and it's really been helpful. Thank you so much for introducing me to what I hope will be a lifelong habit.

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